Sunday, May 29, 2005

I Love Music

El Cielito Lindo 20
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I Love Music

And Music loves you if you treat Her right. If you dance with Her, sing to Her, make love to Her, play with Her, cry and laugh and smile with Her.

She is more than mere amusement - she is inspiration, compassion, passion, consolation, excitement and a pure expression for the love of life.

Love Her and she will love you.


The photos in this set come from my surprise visit to Mom while she was visiting my sister in Pasadena, California (Los Angeles). For her birthday we took her to Cielito Lindo, one of the handful of restaurants featuring a traditional Mexican band called "Mariachis."

Many Americans are familiar with this beautiful, enchanting and lively form of music, but unfortunately it is often belittled by the context in which they enjoy their song: drunken revelry.

There is nothing wrong with drinking and listening, in fact it is almost a requirement. There are many, many songs in which the singer laments his lost love with another round of tequila.

That said, though, if one really listens, if one understands the beauty of the songs and the yearning and love and passion conveyed...well, it is simply one of the most beautiful experiences you'll likely ever have.

Many Mexican-Americans (American-Mexicans)will likely agree that listening to the rancheras and boleros of el mariachi is a sacred part of our culture. As all music should be...