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The End of Flickr?

The End of Flickr?
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The End of Flickr?

(I’m posting my response here after reading EngelFish’s comment below)

Hmmm, oddly enough (ironically even), I have to say that I actually think flckr has been a positive influence for a lot of people, especially the "power users," many of whom now have more vibrant, passionate, and meaningful lives outside of flickr (because of flickr) than most.

Not only have people found new friends, dangerous liaisons and contacts around the word as WAXY POETIC points out, but because the site has turned so many people on to the power of photography, or the universal language of the image (and art) in particular, it truly has made a lot of people's lives better - it has enlightened us to life around the globe, made us more aware of issues and the beauty around us, made us smile and happy at times, and sometimes even more compassionate toward others.

Moreover, flickr has motivated countless people to pursue taking pictures as a career, to become artists or simply aesthetes. So, in that respect, flickr has inspired life outside itself.

And to be honest, I am one of those power users. I don't spam (I spew) and - AND - partly because of flickr I am publishing my first "real" book in Spring by Cyan Books (25 Lessons). Lo and behold, it is about how I became a street photographer in New York City. I am wholly grateful for this and I give flickr the credit it deserves in the book. Before then I had been a avid writer for 15 years, it was photography that gave me my true first opportunity to publish those words.

I do not know what will come of this change, we'll probably all just have to suck it up and deal with it. But as per my post, it is kind of sad for me, it is an ominous sign in a sense of a possible demise. For I've been in marketing for 20 years now, and I've studied leadership, genius and success for about as long - and one thing is clear - it is the individual that makes the difference - it is the power user that endows passion and exuberance into an institution or a cause or a great place like flickr.

Alas, a change like this essentially castrates many of the individuals that make a difference here at flickr.


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I wholly agree with automat. This could be a sad day.

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