Saturday, October 7, 2006

You Talkin' To Me? (Talkin' to My Self)

You Talkin' To Me? (Talkin' to My Self)
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This is a drunk self portrait.

Not that I have to be drunk to take a self-portrait.

Actually, maybe I do.

It had been a long day, half a day of work, the new Scorcese movie at noon, the Art Photography Fair in Chelsea, a quick run-around tour of the International Art and Design Show at the armory on the Upper East Side, and then drinks at the Phoenix Cafe with Michele.

I had a couple of freebies at the photo expo because after I asked the good-looking bartender "How much?" he said, with a little lean toward me, a slight hint of a squint and an ever subtler smile, "Free, if you're on the tour.."

Of course, he folowed his answer-offer with "So, are you on the tour?"

It took me minim of a moment to compute the right answer, as I had to mediate between his subliminal text-messaging and my brazen self-determination..."Yes," I realized, if that's what it takes to get a free drink...Why, "Yes, I was on the tour," I emphasized as I reached into my jacket pocket to draw out a few dollars, which I promptly slid into the tip jar.

That first swig of pilfered gin taste so good that after my first tall glass, I made sure to run back for seconds, just one more for the road, right before getting in the cab to meet Michele at the design show.

A lot of fun taxi-ride photos are on their way...

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