Friday, December 21, 2007

Ode to Mia

Mia Darling!
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I’ve known Mia for a very long time now, or, at least, a long time as far as my friendships go.

We’ve been through it all—think and thin, big and small, ups and downs, many small joys and a few major disappointments.

Last night, Mia paid me a visit and bought me a small Christmas present, I gave her a big smile in return. It was a bar of dark chocolate, wrapped with an exquisite pin-up painting by Gil Elvgren.

Mia knows I love dark chocolate. In fact, Mia knows a lot of things about me, which most people don’t.

Most importantly though, Mia knows how to make me happy.

We’ve long shared a certain synergy, synchronicity and affinity for many things: music, food, fun.

Upon a whim, we can call one another and make plans with a moment’s notice.

We’ve never expected much from one another; yet have often given to one another unconditionally.

I feel quite fortunate to have a friend like Mia, I am sincerely grateful for her friendship.


When the fire of youthful love begins to wane, work to make it a friendship, so that it may become an eternal flame.

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