Tuesday, May 27, 2008

StreetWise and 4 Million Thank Yous

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4 Million Thank Yous

May 27, 2008, New York City, 9:55 PM, EST:

We reached another milestone tonight when the flickr-meter posted new stats and the view count on my photos fell into 4 million.

Hence, I am feeling an overwhelming sentiment of gratitude to everyone who has ever taken the time to view my work and would like to say thank you at least four million times for all the positive feedback, encouragement and inspiration. With utter and great sincerity, thank you.

To celebrate, I’ve published two new books.

StreetWise: How to be a Great Photographer, Lessons Learned on the Streets of New York City.

Streetwise is a compendium of the original 25 Lessons I've Learned (about Photography) that served as the inspiration for the bestseller 25 Lessons: The Art of Living, as well as 25 More Lessons (I've Learned) and 25 Points of Creativity, to complete the 25 Lessons Trilogy.

And Sentimintos, a short collection of 40 photographs, 6 of them taken at a black-tie affair at the Waldorf~Astoria in New York City on February 6, 2006, and 34 more drunk introspective self portraits.

You can review all my published books, including 25 Lessons: The Art of Living and Be Yourself at my bookstore on blurb:


For more information please also visit www.25Lessons.com

As always, thank you for stopping view to take a look!



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Greta said...

I feel like celebrating with you! Congrats. That's a huge success. What can I say. I would love to see your new books vey soon. And I'm almost certain I will at some point. Take Care my friend.