Wednesday, August 16, 2006

In the Wake of Wanderlust

Papa is his Number One Fan

In the Wake of Wanderlust

Sunday was a record travel day for me.

For albeit I did not travel for the longest time I have ever traveled at one time, I did seemingly take every possible form of transportation available to me.

Going from Atlanta to the Jersey Shore I started off at 7 AM speeding along Highway 400, clippin' 80 knots or so (i.e. MPH or some equation of "Kilometers" as them fancy folks in the like to use) in my rental car; then I took the Hertz Shuttle bus, then the world's longest escalator, the world's longest airport shuttle, the plane to Newark International; the elevator to the tram that took me to the train station; the NJ Shorline train that took me to the very last stop, and finally the long drive to the shore house by car, so that I was on the couch, ready for a siesta, by 4:30.

Alas, this seems to be the essence of my life lately, moving from place to place, rarely settling down long enough to feel as if, "Finally, I am home." Yet, despite the sigh and what might seem like a complaint, I really could not be happier, for life has been good to me so far. And if everything works out as I am planning, as I am diligently working toward, I will be traveling a lot more in the years to come.

Besides, I've always wanted the world to be my home, so perhaps I should just get used to the this interminable exhaustion, the weariness in the wake of wanderlust.


While I was at the Shore for the last two days, I spent some quality time with Enzo and Nicky my great American superheroes, my greatest sources of daily inspiration.

Here Nicky shows off his new water-(not-so)-tight shore shirt.

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