Sunday, December 3, 2006

A Lazy Sunday Inside

A Subway to Somewhere
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A Lazy Sunday Inside

It was a beautiful day outside today, so I heard.

And so it seemed, by the cool breeze and bright sunshine streaming in through the windows. I stayed inside though, a lazy Sunday inside after a long night of revelry—got home at five this morning, slept in till after noon, then got up and cleaned the apartment; reshuffled things a bit, rearranged furniture, made changes, if only to keep things fresh and new.

Even though I’m getting old(er), I feel new. Renewed really, practically every morning I wake up, Not absolutely everyday though, because I am only human, after all. Getting old teaches you that.

I walk through my apartment and think, “Gee, I’d like to just sit on my couch for a moment,” but then I pass the couch, and as I’m passing my bedroom I think, “Gee, I’d love to lay down in my bed and close my eyes for a while.” Alas, I pass that opportunity too, and keep on walking to the study, because I have to, because I want to edit some photos, because I want to work and I want to be creative and productive and feel as if I am making something out of my life. So no repose, no rest, keep on going, invest, put something into your life, because you know that’s how you’re going to get something out of it—in the end.

I like cheese sandwiches, I had one for dinner tonight: fresh, toasted Portuguese bread, and a good half a dozen slices of pepper jack (Monterey jack cheese with jalapeƱos) and Wisconsin extra sharp cheddar, all covered in Talapio, my favorite Mexican hot sauce.

This tasty treat was complemented by a Stella Artois in a frosted jelly jar. I cut fresh lime and squeezed a little on the edge of the glass, and then sprinkled a tad of salt on that. Mmmm, yum.

I sat at my long wooden dining table (in its new place) and slowly ate, alone. It was a very satisfying feeling, the sandwich was to die for—I like cheese, I like bread, I like hot sauce. Thus the combination was heavenly.

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