Friday, July 18, 2008

Hello People

Big Man, Small Man
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This set represents an important milestone for me, for all 110 photos were posted unedited.

Previously, I had posted over 27,000 photos to flickr, and almost all of them edited in one way or another—usually for color, contrast, or composition.

However, this time around I was so happy with the results of these photos, which I took yesterday morning at approximately 8 AM at the dead-end intersection of 9th Avenue and 59th Street, that I have challenged myself to submit them as is.

I came across this unique mural of light, reflected off the buildings from across the street, the morning before and decided that I had to make sure to return to this exquisite spot again the following day to capture a little bit of the magic that I saw.

Needless to say, I am happy with the results and I am glad that I made the extra effort.

Another milestone is on the horizon for me, as I will soon be receiving my Canon Powershot G9, which I plan to begin shooting RAW with.

I had recently purchased and tried out the Canon EOS Rebel Xsi 450D prosumer SLR. However, after a week I decided, “This is definitely not for me.”

It just wasn’t the right fit for the kind of art I like to create and my methods of creating it.

So, after some nail-biting contemplation, I made the decision to return it and get the G9 instead. It was truly a somewhat tough decision because for a very long time friends and fellow photographers had encouraged me to “upgrade” to an SLR.

However, I balked. At least, until quite recently, when I came across a little bit of extra disposable income and decided that it was high-time that I made an investment in one of my greatest passions and consciously made a big step forward toward establishing myself as a “professional” in my craft.

Alas, ultimately, the move didn’t make me very happy. So, as I mentioned, I figured out a way to produce better quality photos and still have a tool that is conducive to my style of photographyThe G9.

Granted, I will be comprising the burst rate (shooting speed) with the exchange, but that never really mattered much to me. I’ve long been happy with what the lower-level Powershot models (D60, D70 and A520) can do, so I can’t imagine I will be disappointed with what the ultimate upgrade in this class will produce.

I’m looking forward to sharing.

As usual, thanks for tuning in.


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