Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fat as a Cat and Feeling Good

The Cat on Chat-Ray Street
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July 27, 2008, New Orleans, LA:

This here cat, looks exactly like how I'm feeling right now, after eating at Muriel's in the French Quarter again for the second day in a row.

Today, I began with a glass of Lucid Absinthe Suisesse, a wonderfully cool and refreshing cocktail made with absinthe, anisette, white crème de menthe, and raw egg white, all blended together and served over cracked ice. It was so good, I had to order a second one to complement our brunch.

Brunch began with Fontana's West End Turtle Soup, which exceeded my expectations. The bits of turtle had the texture of tofu in Chinese hot and sour soup.

It was followed by a tender slice of rib-eye topped with an incredibly savory sauce and crispy crawfish (or "crawdads" as we like to call them up north or "mudbugs" as "guys from freaking Omaha who wear Mardi Gras beads in the middle of July," as one website aptly puts it).

Some of the other unusual highlights from our culinary adventure over the last three days have also included BBQ shrimp and fried gator ("aligator" that is), which for lack of either a refined palate or the sophisticated vocabulary of a gourmand, I'd have to say "tastes just like chicken," tough chicken that is, but chicken nonetheless.

And yesterday afternoon, the first time we went to Muriel's, I had Escargots Orleans, which they describe as "Tender Escargots with Fennel, Leeks, oyster Mushrooms and apple smoked bacon simmered in a roasted garlic butter." Oh, my goodness, quite honestly, those were some of the best snails I've ever tasted.

Anyway, them is just a few of the highlights we've experienced so far here on my trip to New Orleans ("Nuor-lins").

Got to sign off now, because its time for a nap.

Summertime, and the living is easy.
Fish are jumping, the cotton is high.
Oh, your daddy's rich, your mama's good looking
I said, "Hush little baby. Baby, don't you cry."
Summertime, George Gershwin

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