Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Interview with Paul Giguere

Interview with Paul Giguere
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A Few Pleasant Surprises

These last couple of days have been rife with pleasant surprises.

First, I learned that Hispanic recently published a review of my book 25 Lessons. Editor Elena del Valle writes, “In the book, Lorenzo shares his secret to the art of living and the simple rules of photography. He meant for the book to be inspirational and poetic; and to spark readers’ creativity, and reawaken their passion for life.”

Click here to read the complete article: New York Illustrates Life Learning in Photography Book.

A special thanks to Elena for your kind words.

Secondly, I woke up the other morning to find a pleasant and big surprise, for upon checking the flickr stats I found that viewership had reached a new height with 9,879 views overnight, more than doubling the daily average of the last couple of months.

Thank you to everyone that made that possible.

Finally, Paul Giguere at informed me today that he posted a discussion we had a few weeks ago on his site, You can hear that podcast interview HERE..

Paul introduces our talk by saying, “One of the reasons I so enjoyed interviewing Lorenzo is that he has managed to make photography such an integral part of his life in such a way that he I think his personal life and his photography are inseparable at this point. He has truly managed to integrate that into a higher order of thinking and living, and I think her personifies the photographic life…”

Thank you Paul.

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