Sunday, November 30, 2008

just published! the lost man chronicles

just published! the lost man chronicles
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the lost man chronicles JUST RELEASED! December 1, 2008, New York City:

Written in a manner akin to the New Testament parables of Jesus Christ and the free flowing prose of Elbert Herbert's White Hyacinths, the lost man chronicles relays a depth of understanding similar to that conveyed by the likes of Lao-tse, the Bhagavad-Gita, Plato, and Nietzsche.

The lost man chronicles is a modern day testament to one man's journey to become re-immersed in a world which has been lost in the glare of modern convenience and commercial contrivances. Each passage explores a passage toward enlightenment, toward awareness, and ultimately toward rediscovering the meaning of life.

Simple to read and easy to understand, the lost man chronicles is accessible to all. Yet, as facile each passage is to comprehend, as a whole, the work is bound to have profound impact on those who read it.

Click HERE to see a preview of the book!

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