Wednesday, May 18, 2011

THE CRIME BOSS:Leading a life of crime, if only in my mind...

The Crime Boss
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Part of a series of portraits of people in public that were taken September 26, 2010, while serving as the New York City Adviser for Microsoft's launch of its foursquare photography app.

New York City, May 18, 2011

“He who profits by a crime commits it” —Seneca

I took this photo while walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, not really knowing what I was going to capture along the way.

I would see an suspecting victim and then shoot from the hip. This is one of the shots that I liked most. Made me feel like I had arrived before Wee Gee had to, before all the blood and guts were spewed all over the hard city streets. I felt like I had captured crime in the making.

Or at least that's what my wild imagination made me feel...

Life is simply a little more exciting when you let your imagination tell the story. I've got three young boys, so I am reminded that kids do it all the time. Its a shame that we tend to lose that as adults.

Don't be afraid to use your imagination today. It can help sustain you through another boring one. God knows life in a cube can be awfully monotonous.

True crime writer Jack Olsen once commented in Esquire magazine about the alleged fabrications in Truman Capote's runaway bestseller In Cold Blood:

"I recognized it as a work of art, but I know fakery when I see it," Olsen said. "Capote completely fabricated quotes and whole scenes... The book made something like $6 million in 1960s money, and nobody wanted to discuss anything wrong with a moneymaker like that in the publishing business."

Capote replied, "Jack Olsen is just jealous."


“I hate this "crime doesn't pay" stuff. Crime in the United States is perhaps one of the biggest businesses in the world today.” —Peter Kirk

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