Thursday, August 4, 2005

afraid of my self

Two Cabs and Times Square 1
Originally uploaded by lorenzodom

aren't you afraid to just stand there in the middle of heavy traffic, taking these pictures? And do the cab drivers give you funny looks?

i don't look at the drivers when i take fotos like this. otherwise i would get intimated and hesitate to do it.

the biggest danger i face sometimes is simply coming against the emotion that for some unknown reason this is not “appropriate” and that i should not take it. what it really is though is that my shots are simply out of the ordinary and so i'm trying to apply rules of social behavior to this unusual act of mine that has no rules to regulate it.

anyway, there have been a few drivers who honk all of the sudden, or let go of the gas peddle on purpose to scare me (ha, ha, real funny). but they're just having fun - just like i am.

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