Friday, August 19, 2005

What Is Most Appealing

What Is Most Appealing
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I fancy peeled oranges.

Truly peeled oranges, not just those flayed by their flavedos and albedos, but those picked clear of their bitter membranes as well.

It is immeasurably pleasurable to peel off the translucent skin and indulge in pure fresh pulp. Over the years I have learned that mixing what is bitter with what is sweet does neither taste justice.

Hence, the essential ritual of peeling skin from apples and meticulously removing the membrane from each and every orange wedge. I still eat the dull bitter skin that the sweet orange teardrops come wrapped in, but I just chew on them separately. The result is a much greater appreciation for the innards of the orange. If not a greater understanding for how one should palate life itself.

And so for me what is most appealing about this seemingly inane and unnecessary practice is that it puts into practice a good tenet for good and wise living.

For sometimes we ought not mix our penchants and predilections, friends and family, but rather keep them separate but equal; to be enjoyed apart from one another, so that each might get the attention and appreciation it, he, she or they rightly deserve.

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