Monday, October 17, 2005

the good news, is within us all

the good news, is within us all
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I don’t favor any particular brand of spirituality.

Everyday I rise with the sun—and that is spiritual enough for me.

Watching the roseate radiance ascending reminds me readily that I am sanguine and alive and thriving happily. Gawking in awe at dawn itself, is prayer enough for me.

Actually, there are so many amazing things that I gawk over that living itself is my true religion.
If anything, over time, loving and laughing and crying and sighing and every other expression of positive sentiment that makes us human, cumulatively form the set of sacraments that confirm my association with the divine.

And if there are deities, I walk and talk and run with them everyday, for my fellow man amazes me in so many ways that I do not need myths to inspire or explain the beauty of being—for with great respect I contend that God was made in the image of man his creator.

My holy book is the collection of epistles that I scribe daily by living vigorously and with undaunted optimism in face of all that I may experience otherwise.

My commandments encourage me to be—inspired by my dreams, and to make them more than just seeming; to love and appreciate and give unconditionally, with more vim that modern life might encourage otherwise; to fashion my own rules for life by and break them as I please; and to create, to conceive and believe that there is meaning in everything I do.

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