Wednesday, October 5, 2005

the sun will rise

I Love You Sunshine 01
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there’s that sun rising again.

and just when you think the world’s gonna end,
or the weather’s got you down, or that
frown you’re wearin’ ‘s bound to
hang upside-down for some time to come—
here she comes again,
around the mountain here she comes;
not carin’ if you’re broken-hearted
or just too blind-deaf-dumb
to realize everyday’s a new day
and that we can either stay despondent and
succumb to a bad disposition
or just as easily rise with the morning star
by changing the position of our attitude.

and so the sun teaches us that neither
one’s latitude, longitude or ingratitude for
another chance to begin anew with each new
day makes any difference in any way.
for as long as you are livin’
one is given the chance to take solace
in being anchored to this unforgiving earth,
which upon rollin’ back each morning
presents to us the opportunity
to witness once again that—
the sun will rise.


this musing and foto are featured as part of 100 NY Stories (High), book sixteen of the lost man chronicles.


Once again, I went crazy with the camera, taking 1,000 fotos on Sunday, October 2.

I think I'm going to have to see a doctor about this...Is their a shrink in the house?

Most of the photos were in Central Park where I spent an hour within the inner circle of the CP Dance Skaters Association.

Many thanks to Marius Mellebye in Norway who asked me at the start of summer to take photos of the group.

Also thanks to Ken, one of the staff members who led me inside and introduced me to the DJ. And of course much appreciation, respekt and luv goes out to all the skaters who unabashedly let me click away.

a complete list of the subsets in this series:
Rock Your Body, Move Your Body
Let The Sunshine Roll In
Dancing, Dancing, Dancing!
She's A Dancing Machine
I Wonder Wow, He's The Greatest Dancer
Toot, Toot, Beep! Beep!
I Love You Sunshine!

Please Note: Most of the sets are best seen in slide show mode at one-second intervals with your favorite house, techno, disco, electronica or other dance music loudly playing!

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