Friday, October 21, 2005

the most beautiful day of the year

the most beautiful day of the year
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This morning, on the radio, I heard the announcer say, “Looks like today is going to be the most beautiful day of the year.”

It really didn’t matter to me “why” it would be, I just loved hearing him say that.

Maybe it’s because quite often the magical colors of the Fall sky, the cool crisp air of autumn, and sometimes the low-hanging gravitating moon—“Oh, you crazy lune!”—just make me feel that way every day of this wonderful season.

But then again it may also be that I’m just inclined to think that way as well—leaning towards making the most of life, bent to find what makes the most lack-luster things glow (Sometimes, you know, you’ve just got to look inside, for that’s where she truly shines!). For it’s the mantra, the holy disposition, the intuition and the exceedingly exuberant, overly-tenacious, unyielding and simply undeniably innate and irrepressibly arousing positive attitude of optimists like me that compels us to feel and say and see with utter conviction that practically any day can and is and will be the most beautiful day of the year.

Hence, I know today will certainly be the most beautiful day of the year, just as tomorrow, rain or shine, will best all the billions of days that have come before it.

So, smile at a stranger today, make someone you love laugh today, even just eat your lunch alone outside (instead of at your desk again) today—Indeed! help me make this the most beautiful day of the year, if just by believing and acting as if it is.

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