Saturday, September 24, 2005

Metrosexuals Unite!

M is for Manhattan!
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“New York State Senator Thomas Duanne (D-Manhattan), who is gay, said he wants to know whether McGreevey abused his office in any way. Because being gay or having an affair would not, by themselves, give someone cause to resign, he said.”

~ He’s Out & Out, AM New York, August 13, 2004


For as good or bad this sudden and surreal emancipation declaration from Jersey’s scandal-ridden governor may be, one thing is for certain (is anything ever?)—this revelation is both a setback and a godsend for the gay community.

It rises to the occasion in terms of the former because, like a true politician, McGreevey announced his candidacy by spinning an association between one’s sexual orientation and one’s patriotism—“I am a gay American,” which essentially gives this once scarlet letter A front-page FDA stamp-of-approval.

And, oh what timing! For being gay, or at least being sensitive, self-aware, and having a keen eye for fashion is seemingly all-the-rave in America now. Today’s new tolerance even rivals the supremacy gay-culture once held during the hey-day of the disco days, because now—its just all in the open.

So darling, loosen those hips, paint those lips and wiggle your toes, because even God knows its okay to be gay(-like) now.

Metrosexuals Unite! (just kidding)

That said, this headlining soap-box announcement from the no-longer-so-honorable Governor James McGreevey also is a setback for the rainbow coalition, because it immediately establishes another less-than complimentary relationship between homosexuality and politics, as if to blatantly say “its NOT okay to be gay and govern.”

Duanne added “Would a heterosexual governor resign on the grounds of having a sexual affair?”

Ask Bubba (or just buy the book).

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