Wednesday, November 14, 2007

people are like puzzles

The Unknown
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Relationships between people are like puzzles which originally arrive disassembled.

Some of us enjoy the frenetic nature of the disarray for some time before we play with the idea of making an effort to reassemble.

Most, frenetically try to piece together a person until they are no longer a wonder, a mystery to ponder. And, as a result of dispelling the enigma, they also engender the inevitable ennui.

Alas, there are those rare few of we who consciously make no attempt at all to put together a whole that will eventually resemble anything or anyone all too familiar. These are those who have come to realize the futility of the exercise, for we understand that the integral Catch-22 is that participating is worth more than the prize, and that by solving the riddle we merely turn it into a well-known joke.

Therefore, in the wake of paradise lost and earthly wisdom gained, these lucky folks seek to entertain and understand the whole piece-by-piece, and they have made peace with both themselves and the world, so that they have accepted the terms of a better life which suggests that they step back to see the panorama of a person or their own lives only at the juncture when and where they are too tired and are ultimately resigned to retiring into the inevitable, yet inexplicable, end.

"There’s a line in The Philadelphia Story – “The time to make up your mind about people is never,” It’s a line that I’ve always loved. I don’t want to see a thesis on a character. I don’t want to see an opinion. I want to see the mystery of a person. Some days you might think this; some days you might think that. But there are no conclusions." – Mike Nichols –

Originally posted as part of the lost man chronicles, a long-long time ago.

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