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(Heart)Breaking News! Flickr Founders, Stewart Butterfield & Caterina Fake, Resign From Flickr (Yahoo!)

(Heart)Breaking News! Flickr Founders, Stewart Butterfield & Caterina Fake, Resign From Flickr (Yahoo!)
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Goodbye Mr. Butterfield & Mrs. Fake
July 18, 2008, New York City:

As per the article above, I’ve just read that the founders of flickr have just resigned from their positions at Yahoo!

Thus, I wish to bid the dynamic duo, husband and wife—Mr. Stewart Butterfield and Ms. Caterina Fake—a truly heartfelt adieu and many thanks for the memories.

I had the pleasure of meeting both and having a conversation with Stewart the night I ruined my camera (the first time) by drowning it in a pool of pilfered vodka, right after the Blink of An Eye event that flickr hosted on August 2, 2006. I acknowledged to Stewart then, and will reiterate now, that flickr is a marvelous invention that has changed many lives for the better.

Because the absolute truth is, without you two, none of us would be here.

In fact, without you two many great and wonderful things may not have happened in my life, as surely they have happened for others. Here I list a few of mine, and I encourage readers to list their own below in homage to Stewart and Caterina:

— Without you two, I wouldn’t have met so many fricken fantastic people. I personally know of a number of people who have fallen in love via flickr.

— Without you two, I wouldn’t have realized my childhood dream to become an artist.

— Without you two, I wouldn’t have written and published my first book, 25 Lessons: The Art of Living.

— Without you two, I wouldn’t been selected to be HP’s inaugural 2008 Featured Be Brilliant Artist.

— Without you two, millions around the world may not have been inspired to take more pictures and to pay attention to art, if not the beauty of their own daily lives, more often.

— Without you two, many-many people may not have been inspired to become professional photographers, artists and designers

— And without you two, many of us may not have realized that the visual medium of photography is a great way for many people from around the world to communicate with each other and create meaningful, lasting friendships.

In sum, flickr has been a grand experience for many of us, and as I recently stated, has had a great impact on the lives of many worldwide, opening the eyes to many, and inspiring millions to see the world as a better and beautiful place to be in.

So, adieu Stewart and Caterina. Thank you for everything. Surely, your creative genius and technical ingenuity will be put to good use elsewhere and we will see you two soon enough again.

Much Love,


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