Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I Knew That

I Knew That Too

Bronxville, NY, February 21, 2007:

I Knew That

I made love with a 16-year old

contortionist last night.

We met in aisle 6 of A&P—
oils, sugar, cake mix.

I read the ingredients off the red
Devils food cake box:
cocoa, flour…artificial color,
artificial flavoring.

“Sounds like poetry to me,” she teased.
“It is,” I said,
slowly, turning to her,

“You don’t look like
you eat much cake,”
she continued.

“I don’t,” I concurred,
“I was looking for salt.”

“Hmmm,” she hummed,
“I make a mean scrambled eggs
and tomatoes,” she
smiled, “…with no salt.”

“Hmmmm,” I hummed back,

“I happen to have a some eggs
and a couple of tomatoes
here in my basket.”

In fact, that was all that
I had in my basket.

I knew that,” she said
as she looked up from my basket,
batting her eyes, adding,
“I do like OJ with my eggs,” and asking,
“Do you have coffee?”

“Yes,” I smiled,

At the cashier she told me,
“I ran away from the circus
last night.”

“Oh?,” I uttered, adding
I knew that,”
batting my eyes.

I made love with a 16-yer old
contortionist last night.

*fictional poetry based on a real conversation

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