Thursday, February 8, 2007

The Afterglow

The Afterglow
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The Afterglow

Last night, I realized that some of the most beautiful days of my life have been spent in the embrace of a lover.

I woke up this morning dreaming, remembering, reminiscing, and yearning to waste half the day in bed.

Alas, I have a job, thank God, so I knew that I could only linger in this state of somnolent splendor a few moments longer.

After I had showered and was half-dressed, I was standing in the middle of my bedroom sipping my coffee, when suddenly a waft of utter joy overcame me. The warm morning glow filling the room perfectly complemented how I felt inside.

The radiant feeling confirmed what I was thinking, “Some of the most beautiful days of my life have been spent in the arms of a lover.”

When I arrived at work this morning I opened up my inbox and found a photo and a story about a pair of “prehistoric lovers found locked in an eternal embrace.”

I smiled knowing that regardless of the billions of times mankind has made the same journey to love, we have never been able to create a roadmap to guide us there.

Thus, each and every time one of us makes that journey it remains magical, unique, splendid, amazing, invigorating, redeeming, and encouraging—subsequently erasing any bit of doubt or reticence or cynicism that we might have otherwise errantly formed before.


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