Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Weight of Love

The Weight of Love

The Weight of Love

I’ve been doing a lot of heavy breathing lately.

Extended exhales, long drawn out sighs.

Maybe its because I’ve been doing a bit of heavy lifting lately.

Being everything to everyone, attempting to exceed my own expectations, deep financial frustrations, falling in love.

Fortunately, the latter has been a blessing much more than a burden, my saving grace really.

For there is nothing more consoling than seeing the morning illuminate the face of someone you love.

Love, what is this love?

Perhaps, it is not the love that launched a thousand ships. Maybe, it is not Love in the Time of Cholera. Talvez, quizás, peut être, it is not an everlasting, perfect or infallible love either.

But it is a love full of promise, a love this is promising. It is a love that feels good. It is a love that, so far, has been good to me, and thus, is good for me. It is a love that makes me happy, makes me smile and makes me laugh. It is one that is keenly coincidental and amazingly well-aligned. It is a love that is not blind, for I have no choice but to see it with my eyes wide open.

Love is such a heavy word.

Or at least, we are often taught to weigh it that way. I’d like to think that I need not measure this love by any means, that it is a rather light and lithe and wholly undemanding; that the only ruler I might ever apply may be a playful switch that produces a blissful squall; that it is one of understanding and freely held tethers and little-to-no expectations; that the only anchor we carry is one which sets down extraordinary and happy experience with poetic words like these into the depths of time and in a sea of mutually held memories.

At least for now—I believe we both know that.

And that is why this love is such a blessing; that is why I am confessing these feelings, not feeling afraid to profess such shameless sentiments of soothing amity and hearty amour.

Because it is a love and friendship like this that helps, that consoles, that uplifts when the rest of life weighs so heavily upon your shoulders.

I appreciate that immensely, and just thought I’d say so, because it is important to say so, when you appreciate and love someone so sincerely.

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