Friday, February 9, 2007

By The Time Light Showers The Earth

By The Time Light Showers The Earth
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By The Time Light Showers The Earth

i cradled your cheek in my palm
and with my lips
pecked at the other;
my affection fell into
a grand smother
of kisses.

i kissed you until
the moon spun around the earth
three times,
a mere season,
if only for no better reason
than to show you
how much i loved you.

you fell asleep
in the cup of my hand,
which now runneth over
with glee;
and there, with me,
floating, gloating,
we dreamt underwater—

i pushed
as you pressed
against walls
(thank goodness,
no one can hear you scream

coupled, for hours,
at the buzzing end of exhaustion,
we sank into the mirror
leading us to the other end
of the universe
(thank god,
no one can hear us scream
in space);

to return,
i pressed my lips
into your face
so hard
that we fused,
and in an implosion,
the big bang cameth again.

—we woke up, i know not when,
in bed, your cheek still, warm,
resting in my palm, i felt
a psalm to love.

i opened my eyes in the calm light
of our star glowing, beaming,
showing us how happy it was,
if only, 94 million miles
and eight minutes later.

9:55:08 AM, New York City, February 9, 2007

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