Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Accountant’s Daughter

We're Going to Coney Island! (with The Accountant's Daughter)
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The Accountant’s Daughter

She was an accountant’s daughter.
Since then, they have been lawyers
bankers, criminals, insurance salesmen,
and a school principal.

Actually, I didn’t know for most of them;
I never got to know their fathers,
I never really cared to know.
I was interested in other things.

I was interested in those things
that fathers don’t want their daughters to know—
understandably so, understandably so.
Thus, apples and serpents and ignorance is bliss.

But it isn’t is it?

Knowing is bliss, knowing is everything;
it is omnipotence, as much as it is omniscience.
Knowing is this ineffable
state of being and becoming.

Becoming, that is bliss—
with the accountant’s daughter
who wanted to call her daddy
after our first time.

Bliss is not love though.
Because when we love we know,
and sometimes it is better not to know;
it is better to simply feel.

Ignorance is bliss:
Love strangers
Lust for those you do not know
Wonder more often
Suspend disbelief
Believe in magic and meant-to-be
Embrace serendipity


(R&O thank you for the inspiration)

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