Tuesday, June 26, 2007

After all

After all
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After all

They say (they say, who are “they” after all)
There is a first time for everything,

I can’t remember the first time
I saw their pictures,
but I did, I saw them.

I not only saw them though, I felt them
and that is what moved me most,
motivated my return.

Thus, I am inclined, from time to time
from peak to pique,
to come back for more.

I admit: I’m a Rose & Olive whore,
a RO whore, insatiably so,
for I always leave wanting more.

The first time I made love
I wasn’t sure I wanted more;
She was so drunk she wanted to call her daddy.

She wanted more though, that was for sure,
much more than I did, but then I was a kid,
foolishly in love.

I got over it though, eventually.

So, I’m not sure I love Rose & Olive
as much as I lust for them—
they are merely a mirage

after all.


Rose, Olive & Me

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(fotos not by me, merely collage and manipulation)

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