Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Art of Restraint

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June 17, 2007, Father’s Day, New York City:

The Art of Restraint

This last week had to be the longest week of the year for me thus far.

I had about 4-5, sometimes only 3, hours of sleep each night, as I brought closure on a number of endeavors, projects and aspirations at work, at home and at play. These included implementing two major events at work (while an incoherent and incapacitated boss showed signs of relapsing into clinical depression); finishing photo editing for the book (yay!); reading and writing reviews for two fellow authors’ forthcoming books; and some sordid experimentation and subsequent realizations: I need to go back to school (if only for the opportunity to explore more), I’m getting old, and the pursuit of eternal youth doesn’t make anyone any wiser—unless you consider the lessons of errant consequence—wisdom.

In the wake of spending a day with the boys—playing soccer, playing poker, picnicking in the park—albeit I fully appreciate my parental privileges (especially since it is Father’s Day after all), admittedly, I am looking forward to a long and easy run at the end of the day with a new friend.

For running has long been a means of cleansing and renewal for me, and it represents and it is often the catalyst for a concerted effort to live well and be well. And I need that more than ever right now—I need something (or someone) to anchor me within a circle of healthy living, much like a surly dog might be leashed to a post in the middle of the back yard. No more perilous adventure, no more disregard to the wherefores of reason, no more disregard of safety solely for the sake of experience.

At least for a while.

At least, until I get bored with restricting myself to the back yard.

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