Monday, May 14, 2007

A Beautiful Blur (restlessly,tirelessly in bed)

A Beautiful Blur (restlessly,tirelessly in bed)
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A Beautiful Blur
(restlessly, tirelessly in bed)

Meetings have been a bit of a blur all morning;
I breathe, then yawn; breathe then yawn—
yawn, yawn, yawn.

I was up all night long, debauchery is to blame—
a late-night visitor; some coffee, a little whiskey, some wine;
wafts of green smoke billowing through streams of photons
projecting giant photos across the room;
the wile of curious fingers wondering, a lurid mind wandering,
the vigor of youth, the pursuit of truth,
a delightful search for the divine.

It’s a shame I had to wakeup this morning;
otherwise, I was inclined to sleep in instead.
Shame I had to go to work (again),
for how I would have loved
to have lingered
in bed.

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