Friday, May 18, 2007

Just A Little More Wonderful

Just A Little More Wonderful
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Just A Little More Wonderful

Every once in a while I learn something new, something simple, yet valuable enough that it makes life just a little more wonderful.

Today, I learned that you shouldn’t hold tulips upside-down—“They’re really delicate” said an elderly woman who was standing in line next to me at the market this afternoon, after she had kindly pointed out that the petals were falling to the floor.

Last night, I learned how drunk bosses of friends can eagerly extol the appropriate hows and wherefores of men on the prowl, while simultaneously teaching by example, via an up-close and rather personal demonstration of her own primal hunger.

However, the greatest lesson I’ve learned of late is something that I have indulged in repeatedly since my realization—grapefruit is extremely sensuous.

For almost forty years I had found grapefruit to be sour, bitter and otherwise unpalatable.

However, my flatmate, the estimable Dr. Lorenzo, loves grapefruit and is an impressionably good eater overall. Being half-Swiss and half-Ecuadorian, he daily demonstrates the well-being, healthy lifestyle and culinary finesse that sophisticated Latin American-Europeans are known for.

Subsequently, some of his good habits have rubbed off on me. Albeit, I’ve long included a lot of fruit in my diet, I now eat a lot more. Moreover, I also recently gave grapefruit another chance since it is a staple of the good doctor’s diet and he often has offered it to me in turn. I tried it and found it tolerable enough to continue trying without immediately reconfirming my prior preference to forgo it forevermore.

However, at one point, on a whim, I began peeling off the translucent skin of each wedge, and by eating the pulp separately from the membrane I realized that the bitter taste is contained within this gossamer layer almost entirely. The pulp itself is otherwise addictingly-sweet, with just a hint of bitterness to give it that distinct savor and certain allure.

What is more bewitching however is the sultry pink hue and sensuously-gratifying texture of the naked pockets of pulp—just peel a ruby red, strip off the membrane and then scoop out the ambrosia with your fingers and you’ll readily understand what I mean.

The slow, provocative process and the subsequent rapturous sensation together act as an incontestable aphrodisiac. Admittedly, I almost feel foolish giving this epicurean secret away and that I would be arguably be better off keeping this sensual code of appeal all to myself.

Oh well, I guess its too late now.

I’ll console myself with the notion that perhaps by imparting such erotic esoterica I have made life just a little more wonderful for someone else as well.


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