Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More Time For Me

More Time For Me
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More Time For Me

I need a woman
who doesn’t have time for me.
One who’s as taciturn as she is
elusive, far away and aloof;
often, especially, when
she’s near me.

I need a woman
who’s utterly indifferent—
she tells me,

This woman of mine
should be inclined to
whatever, to see me whenever,
wouldn’t care if she saw me
tomorrow or two weeks from now.

Yes, somehow I need to find
a girl who often wears her i-Pod
or answers her cell phone
or text-messages others
whenever were together, alone.

Oh, and of course, she must
always chew gum—
while were talking,
while were eating,
and when were in bed;
God, how I love that!

What a wonderful feeling—
for the desire to be with someone
just doesn’t get any stronger
when that special someone
is not with you.

It’s a special sort of loneliness
you know, to feel all alone
when you’re with someone
who is obviously not (with you).

Of course, I try not to care;
I dare not express emotion
either way, either. I keep busy—
I work, aspire, entertain a bevy of
others, other endeavors
who keep me preoccupied.

Alas, as nonchalant as I feign,
as distant as I remain,
and as cold as I may act—
it is all just that, an act;
a farce of stoicism,
a comic one-man show,
a ribald play of staunch solitude
and self-effacing, so-called

Yes, I can fake it too,
pretending that I often forget you
even though that would be like
forgetting who I am.

Yes, I need a (wo)man
who doesn’t have time for me,
because, of course,
I want more time for me;
if only, because I need to feel
more alone.

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