Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Just Ask Icarus

Just Ask Icarus
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We sit on the greasy grass,
on the greasy grass we sit.

I’d like to believe this earth will last;
alas, like love, it will only endure
as long as we love it.

From the look of it though,
we no longer love the earth.

We love money, we love industry, we love oil,
because it can get us from here to there faster,
than if we were walking.

From Bombay to Beijing everyone is beginning to run—
faster, faster, faster, kill, kill, kill!
the thrill of progress is upon them.

Less bikes, more cars = more progress, more pollution.

The inconvenient truth is that mother earth
may not survive the imposition of
the new world order upon an old-old world.

In grade school, I feared that nukes would be the end of us.

Today, my children must fret over an attack from two sides:
the continual threat of terrorism and a looming environmental disaster.

Man has long been fascinated with the power of the sun.
It’s time we heed the words of Daedalus,
before we suffer a truer understanding.

Some things are best left unknown–
just ask Icarus.

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