Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Silly Needs

My Silly Needs
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My Silly Needs

I don’t need much,
I know that.

In truth,
most of my needs are really,
merely, wants.

I don’t need to be entangled
in the torrid middle of a ménage-a-trois,
but, I do desire it.

And the way things have (not) been working out
for me lately, I probably always will
(desire it).

I don’t need to publish my book.
For almost two centuries Leonardo’s notebooks
gathered dust in Orazio Melzi’s attic.
Thus, the world can wait for the coming of my wisdom.

There is no real need here.
Merely my ego, my bleeding heart, my aching head.

I need more money.
“What happened to less is more?”
I’m not asking for more;
I’m asking for less—debt.

All I really need is
air, water, food, some shelter,
a little laughter (a little weed),
and a lot of love, great sex and
good ol’ fashioned affection.

And sometimes, a place, some space,
time and the mind—to write; to delight
in the minor details of life, to revel in the many
perfect moments that make life meaningful.

Really, now
that’s all I need.

Everything else is pretty silly,
willy-nilly, not really
a need.

Desire maybe,
but certainly, not a need.

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