Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lament Not

Lament Not
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Lament Not
(get dirty, goddamnit!)

For the last couple of weeks, months perhaps,
I’ve experienced nothing profound;
I haven’t experienced anything profound
(No profound experience here).

Perhaps, it is a seasonal thing;
when the weather turns against us,
and we turn in, it is only then, that we tend
to turn inward, as well.

Nonetheless and allthemore,
my life has been rife with bore-dom,
big-time disappointment, common mirth,
and, an occasional, respite of ecstasy.

But no epiphanies, no sudden gleam of wisdom,
no glaring realizations—No,
only bills and obligations,
and redeeming small pockets of joy.

As always, my boys continue
to make the meaningless meaningful.
Work, as always, continues
to frustrate me with its onslaught of ennui.

The book, finished as it may be,
may now never see—the light of day.
For, with utter dismay, I am slowly learning
of my publisher’s woeful and dire straits.

But wait! There is a light
at the end of this tunnel.
For am I not alive! and (fairly) well?
Do I not already have a thousand ribald tales to tell?

Haven’t I lived a life that most
common men envy?
Haven’t I made love with more
beautiful women than it is kosher to count?

Really now, let us dispel this despair
with a taste, a mere touch, of reality.
You have much to be grateful for,
and so much more to look forward to...

The ineptitude of circumstance,
as unsupportive of our great potential as it may be,
is a wholly ephemeral phenomenon; situations change,
especially, if one makes an effort to change them.

Thus, lament not that your life haunts you
when, in fact, you are far from dead!

Realize that it is merely your head—
your collective mind, heart and soul—
that is too big for your britches,
and that the emperor can always wear new clothes.

If you’re unhappy, than do something! (about it)
Write! Take a million more pictures! Wrestle life
to the ground and tussle with it in the mire! Aspire!

Don’t be afraid to get dirty, goddamnit!
Challenge yourself, rather than resign to mediocrity.
Break free of convention, for it is all too conventional
to hem and haw and forever complain of one’s woeful state.

Do not negate that you are indeed! Master of Your Universe,
the final and only true arbiter of your fate,
the purveyor of a reality that prospectively
will be extraordinary, if only,

you want it to be.

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