Friday, July 22, 2005

Evidence of Suspicious Activity

Evidence of Suspicious Activity
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last night i took this foto a little after 1:00 AM right after disembarking from the bus.

a minute later a policeman pulled up and asked what i was doing. and so, as our zeitgeist will dictate, for the second or third time my name and contact information was written down for "suspicious activity."

granted, at first, my initial emotional reaction was a bit of frustration, for i immediatly began to wonder where this information was going to and what it would lead to - was i now on a suspect on a list of those who take photos of the full moon and street lights? would i be put on watch?

sarcasm aside, i realize that this patrolman and the others of the past were only doing their job to serve and protect the people. alas, that did not help allay my feelings at the moment.

he said, "you can still take pictures, i just have to write all your information down." i sighed, and said "thanks," then just put the camera away in my bag and walked up the street two blocks to my house. the joy was gone, for i could not help but ponder the prospects of being placed on an Orwellian watch list of some sort.

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