Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Martha’s Curse

Spreadin' Frostin' at Billy's
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Martha’s Curse

5 months in jail,
not for lying though.

for what than?

for getting caught.

for everyone lies.

yet, most of us
are not wealthy celebrities
ripe and rich, upon which
aspiring attorneys,
veteran politicians
(formerly aspiring attorneys)
and voracious media
cut their teeth upon.

sharpen them, really.

oh, poor, bedraggled martha,
with her moppy hair
and that mousy mouth
(good job! PR people)

talking redemption,
through gritted teeth.

(spin doctor, spin!)

oh, lizzie g.
can you help her?
you’ve been there,
done that.

so please tell her
which guard to blow
and where you stowed
those snickers at.

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