Sunday, July 17, 2005

I Ride My Bicycle

I Ride My Bicycle 001
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After creating the I Love Riding My Bicycle series, I was immediately inspired to take advantage of the inspiration and went for an invigorating spin at 6 AM on a Sunday morning.

Brookdale park was refreshingly empty and I had the waking sun shining through the trees, the excited chirp of birds and the crisp clean air to to greet me.

I had purposefully not invited Her (my camera) to accompany me so that I could fully enjoy my spontaneity, the moment which I anticipated would be ripe with the sensuality of nature, and the experience of being without the impulse to create and existentially realize my existence into something a little more [permanent than my memory alone.

I circled about the rose garden several times, literally riding in circles a tt he top of the hill a dozen times or so as I tried to exorcise the demon of genius: that compulsion to generate, to create, to make artificial meaning out of existence. For as I began that first turn I envisioned another great set as I went around and around and around. I loved the look of the curves in motion, especially at high speed and at a 45 degree angle - this being why I ultimately decided that I would hold off on attempting to shoot this perspective, lest I lose my balance in the process.

Alas, my mind got the best of me and toward the end of the ride the sunshine piercing through the branches flickered off my toenails and I immediately was wooed to whisk back home to get Her.

She was happy to see me and showed me her love with these 36 photos.

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