Monday, July 25, 2005

Risky Business

Risky Business 1
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I regularly like to comment about how the pedestrians here in the city interact with vehicular traffic as if they were running through a field of lilies.

Well, bicyclists are no exception. Especially the messengers on wheels, who tend to ride as if they own the road. Either these guys truly have nerves of steel and can stop on a dime; or they’re just off-kilter enough upstairs to not care about the obvious risks they take.

Anyway, that is life in the fast-lane for ya, as this casual rider demonstrates in this set of photos.

post-scripte: After posting this set and comments, I read the following commentary in AM New York that same day. Ironically, a photo Lance Armstrong graced the cover.

What's more important, traffic flow or bike safety?

Eleven cyclists have been killed so far this year on New York City Streets. Two of the recent deaths occured on East Houston Street, a popular bike route that is devoid of bike lanes.

These 11 tragedies represent an almost 100% increase in cyclist deaths over the same period in 2004, during which six cyclists died.

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