Friday, September 7, 2007

Something Going On

@ The Havana Room 007
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Something Going On

In the midst of the revelry last night, a fellow drinker leaned over to me and mentioned that he thought this particular new hire at Bloomberg that I am pictured with here was the “hottest of the bunch.”

Granted, she is attractive, but to be honest I thought most of the women at the party had something going on. Whether it was an accent, a smile, infectious enthusiasm, or an agility and confidence at the microphone—each one of these women turned me on some how, piqued my sleepy soul, moved me to watch them for a moment from my corner of the bar.

I’m sure one could easily blame it on the mojitos, but I really believe and felt and thought that there was something about many of these women that was quite attractive.

Sometimes I think it is just a matter of letting go of one’s ego, overcoming an aesthetic arrogance that we are all prone to immediately base our judgments of others upon, and letting yourself see more than with your eyes, more with that veteran heart and old soul that we all eventually have when we get older, and wiser.

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