Thursday, September 13, 2007

Straight or Curly?

Straight or Curly?
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Straight or Curly

Tonight I recieved the following text message from Karen, one of my best friend's girlfriend:

"You got on the TODAY show this morning, you asked if you could take me home!"

A month ago on August 18, we were at a BBQ in Brooklyn together and they videotaped my reaction to Karen's new straight hair style. She has naturally curly hair and I have a thing for curly hair BIG TIME (My estranged wife has gorgeous long curly hair ). So, when I saw that they had straightened her hair I screamed, "Ahhh! What did they do to your hair?"

Admittedly, after watching this video and hearing myself scream I thought, "Uh, maybe the banner across the screen shouldn't say 'Curly or Straight?' but rather 'Straight or...Gay?'"

Apparently the producers of this segment liked my reaction enough to use it and suddenly I became one of the people that are "closest' to Karen.

When Karen and the three other women who underwent this radical hair change were being interviewed this morning, the hostess presumed that I was her boyfriend and apparently Karen blushed as if she had been caught committing some indiscretion. She told me that the whole stuido laughed in response.

Click HERE to watch it online at on the TODAY show, it is listed under Video from TODAY, "Are you happy with your hair?" (Thursday, September 13, 2007).

So, it was The TODAY show this morning, let it be OPRAH! tomorrow...

(Of course, I'll have to work on my deep sultry voice first...)


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