Thursday, March 15, 2007

Death by Boredom

Drowning the Sorrow Away (at Happy Hour)

Death by Boredom
(drowning the sorrow away, at happy hour)

i died of boredom today.
utter, definite, absolute—boredom.


i did everything i could to combat it.

i wrote
i used my imagination
i got up from my chair and walked around a while,
nothing seemed to work.

and work only made it worse.

work only made it worse.

been at this job eight years now.

i used to think that i didn’t “hate” anything.

lately though, i’m beginning to believe
that i hate going to work.

no sleeping in
no quitting
no siestas

it is no wonder that we dump millions
into the lottery every week.
really, it is no wonder.

i’m usually on the up-and-up
i usually think positive(ly)
i’m usually brimming with optimism.

but today, i’m letting myself

i get to lament today.
bitch, bicker and bellow.
be a sourpuss,
a thorn in the side,
an ass.


i actually feel a little better.

funny, how that works,

venting, letting it all out;
blowing off some steam.

being that its 5:30 and quitting time,
i guess it seems
to be no coincidence.

time to rejoice after all,
time to go to go have a drink,
at happy hour no less;
and I confess,
if only, so that i might soak
and souse and drown
the vestiges of this sorrow

for tomorrow is another day.

and today
i died of boredom.

maybe i’ll call in sick.

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