Saturday, March 10, 2007

tonight (i cried)

Sometimes, Work Sullies The Soul

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(i cried)

i cried tonight.

i cried for the loves i’ve lost,
and for the friends i’ve found
in each reconciliation.

i cried because life is so fricken’ profound
sometimes, and sometimes
it ain’t.

i cried tonight because i haven’t
finished a book in months,
and a dozen half-read novels
lie sitting, stacked, on my coffee table.

i cried because i’m tired
of trying;
i wanted to sleep—
yet, there was still
much work to do

i cried because i wanted to
say goodnight to my boys,
but they were asleep already,
a million miles away
from me.

i cried because i was happy,
despite circumstance;
and i cried tonight,
if only, because
i could


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