Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Funny How It Hurts

Funny How It Hurts
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Funny How It Hurts

Funny how little hurts
the brittle bones
breaking with the waves
of senitment, tides washing
away the spume.

Funny how we presume
and wish for and dive in
only to find ourselves in
the wake of emptiness.

Funny what little hurts
when the heart keeps
breaking, callused ruptures
covering like barnacles, bracing
against waves of selfish whims.

Funny when little hurts
spur funny thoughts of hope;
hurriedly ushering in humility
after the high tide, the hubris of love.

Funny how I know
I’ll soon forget, how
I’ll soon let another diversion
dissuade me from memory,
and pitch me into the
sweltering sea of promise

Funny how sometimes
it hurts
to love.

(Oh, The Melodrama!
How gracious of you to inspire!)

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