Saturday, March 24, 2007

Me Too

You Were The Sunshine
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Me Too

“Have you ever been in love?”

“Lots of times…
No, just once.”*

Me too.
Me too.

For I think, I feel, maybe, only at this moment, that the only time that we can really be in love is—the first time that we love.

Thereafter, it is all pattern, all predictable, all safe skirts about the memory of the first time we let ourselves be hurt.

Now, we don’t let ourselves be hurt, we hurry through the trite rituals of separation and get on with it.

The first time took me years to separate myself from the separation, for there is no pain as deep as the first time we lose love.

no deeper pain.

Everything and every time and every same sentiment that comes along afterwards is a mere teardrop in the pool of what was shed the first time.

The tears now are misleading, for you no longer know what love is.

You just think you do.

You don’t.

Me too.
Me too.

*Dialogue from Bernanrdo Bertolucci’s Stealing Beauty

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