Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Fire Drill

The Pick of Pickle Day!
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Fire Drill

That day
Fire raged in the Hills of McHone
And the men all said, "Ain't nothin' can be done...
Them hills are too steep; that slope, She's just too slippery!
Desire or not, "Ain't nothin' gonna be done...there
in the steep Red Hills of McHone."

And so, after all was said and done,
the men sat on a bench
beside themselves;
half-hurt, half-hopeless, yet still hoping,
for hope never dies,
and they sighed,
as they ate big tubs of ice cream.

ice cream....


For the curious, that piece of verse is written in a special Morse code, so unless you know this special Morse code, you may not understand it.

By the way, out of 500 of so photos I took this day, this is my favorite. It is exactly the effect I was shooting for.

The horizontal lines are those of the subway train pulling into the station. Just like The Speed of Light phenomena, I am utterly astounded by how this happens - the shutter opens; the light from the girl acorss the way, standing languidly on the other platform bounces and burns on to the digital processor; the solid train comes into view and leaves traces of light instead of blocking the girl across the way - my mind still has trouble comprehending the complexity of this occurence.

Anyone care to offer an explanation?

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