Tuesday, September 12, 2006

the right answers

Sex et La Cité
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the right answers

ennui piques me.

and so, in need of excitement

i’ve taken to experimenting.

from fotos found in anonymous spaces—

author unknown
forgotten traces
of where and when merely lingering
in the recesses of the there and then
that curses through the sanguine sanctuary
of lust and memory

—i’ve drawn upon the lurid imagination
to extract the essence of me—

of what i see,
of what i feel and what i’ve felt,
of what i steal away
in stolen moments dealt
by self-determination.

oh, how golden moments glisten!
when listening to desire,
as it whispers—

love does not bind.

beauty has no boundaries.

only those blind to righteousness
can see how both these bound
in copious splendor
all around us.

trust the heart
as much as the mind,
for one does not always
the right answers
in reasoning.

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