Tuesday, September 26, 2006

They Are Longer

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They Are Longer
(at the corner of Sanity & Insane)

It occurred to me some time ago
that the days seem longer—simply because
they are longer.

I’ve been so consistently
getting progressively less sleep, for a couple of years now,
that my days are truly longer
than those of others.

Especially, since I can’t seem to “relax”—
to just do nothing,
to lie back in repose.

I suppose that’s because
I relax most when I’m doing something,
when I’m getting things done,
when my fun means I’m not wasting time,
when I divine a reason to write,
to delight—in life, if only,
by taking another photograph.

Alas, nonetheless, and allthemore,
even after all this time
I lose track of the score,
and still, I deplore those moments
when the days seem longer, for
alas, I’m still not used to it.

I’m still a bit spun
when day is done
when twilight touches down,
when the ground is wet with night
and the gossamer shade is drawn,
the vestiges of a star glistening
gracing the last traces of hustlers
hurrying across town—
I’m still surprised when I yawn;
I still wonder “Why,
do the days seem so long?”

That’s when I realize,
that’s when I remember—
It’s because they are.

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