Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Looking In

Looking In
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It is the first day back at work of the New Year
and all day long I’ve been looking out the window.

I can’t help but notice that the sky is the limit out there.
Whereas, here inside there’s a pretty short ceiling;
If I get on my ergonomic chair and stretch, I can touch it.

These chairs are designed to keep us comfortable,
they say—to prevent debilitating back and wrist injuries;
I say, they’re so we stay in our chairs longer.

I know I can’t complain, and I’m not, but I am realizing
that, if I’m lucky I have another 40 years of life to live,
and I’m just not sure I want to spend the next 25 of them stuck
under a short ceiling. Actually, I'm sure I don’t.

Yes, I understand a ceiling means shelter, it means safety
and it means security. But it also means less fervor, less fresh air,
and less freedom to do and roam where I want, whenever I want to.

I think I’ve just realized my first New Year’s resolution—
to make a change, so that for the next 25 years I don’t spend my days
simply looking out windows.

I want to look in a little more often.


Excerpted from Courage, the Joy of living dangerously by Osho:

But would you like to remain always in your mother's womb? It is very protective. If it was given to you to choose, would you choose always to be in the mother's womb? It is very comfortable, what more comfort is possible? Scientists say that we have no yet been able to make a situation more comfortable than the womb. The womb seems to be the last, the ultimate in comfort. So comfortable—no anxiety, no problem, no need to work. Sheer existence. And everything is supplied automatically—the need arises and immediately is supplied. There is not even the trouble of breathing—the mother breathes for the child. There is no bother about food—the mother eats for the child.

But would you like to remain in the mother's womb? It is comfortable but it is not life. Life is always in the wild. Life is there—outside.

The English word “ecstasy” is very, very significant. It means to stand out. Ecstasy means to get out—out of all shells and all protections and all egos and all comforts, all deathlike walls. To be ecstatic means to get out, to be free, to be moving, to be a process, to be vulnerable, so that winds can come and pass through you.

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