Monday, January 7, 2008

The Price of Happiness

The Price of Happiness
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The sun had set at 5:30 and I was on the 6 o’clock bus rolling through the Meadowlands.

My eyes grew heavier as the rush hour slowly came to a halt, eventually proceeding as a puttering surge forward.

Worn down by another day of biding time, biting my tongue and nothingness, I was suddenly piqued; energized, my eyes popped open and a stream of dopamine careened downward through my shoulders and onto my toes.

Thoughts of wet spots and exhausting passages into the unknown made my valves open and close faster.

A touch of lingering laughter and remembering your smile released a deluge of soothing Serotonin—and I felt serene, once again.

Sometimes, I wonder who will pass out or die of bliss first; sometimes I yearn for more.

Yet, I often end up reminding myself to be careful of what we ask for.

For albeit perfect moments can be priceless, I’ve learned along the way the price we pay when we futilely attempt to extend them is not—it costs plenty.

Alas, only experience teaches us this. And even then, it is easy to forget—love has ways of erasing everything, especially if everything stands in the way of happiness… as short-lived as that may often be.

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