Sunday, April 8, 2007

Oprah’s Gonna Make Me

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Oprah’s Gonna Make Me

It’s going to be a good summer—and a great year. I can feel it

I’m going to be on Oprah…

Or at least that’s the dream. That’s my get-recognized and get-rich-quick scheme.

Well, why not?

Recently, Rayner dreamt of me being on the show; and a stranger, just a few days ago, told me, rather unprompted, that she envisioned me sitting next to the wonderful Ms. Winfrey.

Admittedly, even though I was excited about the confluence of my literary aspirations with this woman’s whimsical visualization, I merely responded with a restrained smile and acted surprised instead, saying, “Really? You think so?”

Oprah’s gonna make me. She’s going to make 25 Lessons the next Secret (Note: the musing I recently posted about this book was recently removed because TS Inc. (i.e. The Secret, Inc.) filed a complaint…that’s kind of scary), and lorenzo the next household name.

Why not? Right?

God knows Harpo Productions needs a male in its arsenal—Oprah, Rachel Ray…lorenzo.

A man with a mononym no less, and a hot-blooded latino to boot. One that is always excited—excited to simply be alive, excited about everyday I get to get up and make the most of life and every opportunity that comes my way, excited about pursuing all my passions and making my life meaningful to me in turn, excited about the chances to work hard to make my dreams come true, excited about having fun, and excited about loving without trepidation too.

2007 is going to be a great year. I can feel it

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Tattered Ruby Slippers said...

I rather randomly stumbled across your blog actually on a boring afternoon at work and found myself amused!

Here's a site I thought you might enjoy, following the whole Oprah theme and all: