Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ink of Choice

Ink of Choice
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Ink of Choice

She asked me,
“What is your ink of choice?”
I wanted to answer,
“The kind that gets under your skin.”

“The kind where my words
make you want and feel;
The kind that peel away the fears
of peril, the fear that if you go
beyond, you won’t be coming back.”

“The kind of words that
make you desire—insatiably;
make you ache, interminably,
and pine to write me, if only,
for more of my words.”

This is my ink of choice.

Instead, I answered,

The color of taboo,
the forbidden,

Blood red,
Crimson, Scarlet Letter A red—

Anisidine, poison red,
Madame Bovary

Bombay India, Vatsayayana,
Sir Richard Francis Burton


After a moment of silence
shared between us, I asked,
"So, do I get to choose…?"

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